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DEVELOPER SPOTLIGHT: Ivana Filipovich - Simon Fraser University / CREATIVE SERVICES

In this issue, we talk with Ivana Filipovich with Simon Fraser University / Creative Services to discuss the winning project “From C to C: Chinese Canadian Stories of Migration

First and foremost, the Horizon Interactive Awards would like to congratulate you and Simon Fraser University / Creative Services on their 2011 best of category win with the government web site “From C to C: Chinese Canadian Stories of Migration.”  We hope to learn more about you and the project through this interview. Ivana, thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

IVANA: You are very welcome!

HIA: So tell us a little about you and your creative team.  Specifically, what types of work you regularly produce, industries, solutions, etc.

IVANA: We function like an internal design agency for Simon Fraser Universiry. Our team covers everything from photography to design and video. Our whole team usually comes together to work on large interactive productions like this one.

HIA: Can you give us a background of the project, “From C to C: Chinese Canadian Stories of Migration,” and tell us a little about the overall objectives, creative inspiration, background, etc.

IVANA: "From C to C" is a community-based educational initiative led by Simon Fraser University aimed at raising awareness of these social justice issues among youth and the community at large. The film and the accompanying website revisits these histories in order to promote a more inclusive vision of Canada for all communities, and through the imperative of Social Justice Education, asks us how we can 'prevent exclusion from happening again'.

Our goal was create a learning resource for Canadian schools (website, learning guide and documentary film) and to help general audience understand the impact of Chinese Head Tax. The intent of this project is to engage as well as inform, to create public dialogue about this diverse history of discrimination and its adverse effects that continue to resonate within communities today. However this project also highlights the tremendous contributions that members of the Chinese Canadian community have made to this country's rich and diverse heritage.

HIA: Based on the project objectives, was it successful and why?

IVANA: The film audiences have responded with passion, being very moved by the film. This resource is used all over Canada to teach about social justice., and we expect it to be used in Asia as well. 

HIA: What types of projects do you have on the “Horizon.” (couldn’t resist...)

IVANA: Mostly video based and interactive projects. We are also moving towards integrated campaigns for promotional purposes. 

HIA: Where do you see web site design and development going in the coming years?  

IVANA: Towards HTML5 and unified delivery platform.

HIA: So, where do you/your team turn for inspiration?

IVANA: Towards the best in the industry, we follow all major design competitions, design blogs and emerging designers. We also often work in collaboration with the fresh talent in Vancouver and abroad.

HIA: What does it mean to win the Horizon Interactive Award?

IVANA: This competition is increasingly difficult to win. When we win, we are proud to emphasize the fact that we are in a good company with some of the best in the world of interactive media present in the same categories.

Thank you again for taking the time to be a part of our developer spotlight.  We have enjoyed sharing more information about the great work you all produce and look forward to having you back in the 2012 competition. Best of luck to you now and down the road!